Steady as you go

Steady as you go

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Steady as you go – Practicing the Art and Craft of Architecture

Kjell Forshed is an architect who has designed hundreds of projects throughout Sweden. He has focused on designing housing for ordinary people, and his credo has been to bring beauty, comfort, joy and safety to these dwellings. He does that by incorporating the principle of ”low and dense” design into his work, and paying careful attention to light, color, perspective, and movement.

In this book he shares the art and craft of having his thoughtful, human-scaled designs built – especially when such projects are challenged by limited economic resources and a surplus of technical requirements.

Forshed has worked with his pencil for more than fifty years and is still going strong. He brings the humane approach to his work, which, in addition to his decades at Brunnberg & Forshed, has included teaching at his alma mater, KTH, the Royal Technical School for Architecture. He has written books and articles and given many lectures in the art of urban and housing design.

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